Small and medium-sized woods on the Isle of Wight

Throughout the history of the English countryside, woods have been an important component of our sporting estates, both large and small. This continues to be the case today, with considerable numbers of small and medium-sized woods being used as game cover, particularly for pheasant. Dryad Woodland Enterprise can advise on all aspects of management in sporting woodland.

Isle of Wight coppice management

The rotational nature of traditional coppice management always meant that such woods offered an array of cover types, ranging from freshly cut woodland floral carpets, through varied stages of stool regeneration, to fully matured growth of 15 – 20 years of age.

It is a sad fact that in many places, the decline of our coppice industries, coupled with the rise of modern forestry techniques for timber production, has meant that at least one generation of gamekeepers have come and gone with little or no real experience of working within an actively managed wooded environment. This lack of familiarity with a process their forebears would have understood completely and embraced, has led to widespread scepticism regarding the benefits of many forms of intervention in woods used for the rearing of game birds.

Recover your woods full potential

This need not be the case in future. Indeed, if our small woods are to recover their full potential both economically and environmentally, it is imperative that our differences of opinion are revised and reconciled. In the simplest terms, good communication between keepers and woodland managers is all that is needed to transform neglected game cover (well on its way to decline), into thriving and biodiverse habitats.

Chequer-boards of multi-layered coppice compartments with mature standard trees, interspersed with open rides rich in invertebrates and floral diversity provide a superb environment for game birds. If worked correctly and sensitively, well managed woodland game cover can improve the lives of the plants, insects, animals and game keepers alike!

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Matt Huxley

Matt initially worked as independent sub-contractors for a number of well-respected local woodland workers and tree surgeons before starting Dryad Woodland Enterprise in 2017.

Dryad Woodland Enterprise has since grown to encompass a broad range of woodland work, coppice restoration, forestry.

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