Conservation on the Isle of Wight

Conservation on the Isle of Wight

If woodland is unmanaged, its benefits to flora and fauna are severely limited. We forget at our peril that what we think of as British woods (and in particular Isle of Wight woods – with no grey squirrels and deer) developed as intensively managed environments. Where men and women worked, nature followed. If we want nature to thrive in our woods, we must work in them. Humanity is the prime organism of woodland. Non-intervention as a management technique has its place, but in the main, worked woods are healthier and more richly populated with wildlife.

About Matt Huxley

Matt Huxley

Matt initially worked as independent sub-contractors for a number of well-respected local woodland workers and tree surgeons before starting Dryad Woodland Enterprise in 2017.

Dryad Woodland Enterprise has since grown to encompass a broad range of woodland work, coppice restoration, forestry.

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In safe hands

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Covered by £5 million Public Liability Insurance and fully qualified through the City and Guilds National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC), Dryad Woodland Enterprise operates across the Isle of Wight with professionalism, skill and experience.

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Large or small contracts

Thinning operation. Lawson cyprus & Western red cedar. Loading produce. Combley Great Wood.

Our services remain available on a sub-contractual basis when our reliability and expertise is required by others working within the forestry, woodland and tree care sectors.

Forestry, woodland and tree care sectors